About Us

Why POTOSI Tech.?

POTOSI Tech. is an award-winning provider of innovative software services and BPO services that improve operational efficiency and help customers gain competitive advantage. Our people make the difference by consistently delivering outstanding value to our customers.

From product design through to product manufacturing, our service offerings and deep vertical market expertise are more than a match for tough business challenges — like increasing costs, declining productivity and marginal customer service. By delivering solutions across the manufacturing value chain, our global team of EMS consultants can help you improve your operations – no matter where they are physically located. And our strategic partnerships and alliances with leading product and technology vendors ensure these solutions always remain at the forefront of innovation.

By nurturing and empowering our employees, we help them maximize their innate potential and drive success for our customers, with a commitment and quality that our first-time clients find quite astonishing.

Our Mission:

  • To be one of the leading software solution provider for “Mid Market” Segment business with best in class customer experience.
  • Driven by our beliefs and values that makes a difference to our customer’s business.
  • We’re ambitious and driven by performance. We constantly strive to move our business forward by focusing on delivering ever-faster and more dynamic solutions.
  • We’re an energetic and creative business that’s driven by ideas. We’re restless and passionate about finding innovative and smarter solutions for our customers.