Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates internal and external management information of an entire organization, encompassing all the aspects of business like finance, sales and service, customer relationship management, human resource, manufacturing etc.

POTOSI Tech.'s integrated ERP applications facilitate the automation of your organization's processes, support the information flow between all your business functions and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

Our endeavor is to help your organization gain greater visibility in all areas of business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level by making our ERP Solutions work for you. A high-level view of key business areas facilitates quicker and more accurate management decisions. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

POTOSI Tech. believes that each company has its own set of requirement needs which can be answered through cutting Edge customized solutions. The ERP solutions provided by POTOSI Tech. COE are based on Agile Methodology on iterative based releases of modules. The entire engagement involves continuous interaction and communication with your organization, enabling you to re-evaluate project priorities with a view to optimize return on investment.

The highlight is the customization of the modules according to your individual business, to ensure the solution is well fit for your organization. The overview of the modules is as follows: