Software Solution:

Do you have unique automation needs that cannot be met by a standard software product? Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you speed up time-to-market for new software products? Would you like to outsource the maintenance and support for your software assets?
POTOSI develops high quality custom software applications that match your unique business processes and drive your competitive advantage. A robust methodology starts with your business needs, and translates your needs to design, architecture, development and deployment of the end application.
By leveraging in-depth experience in product engineering as well as rigorous processes, we create high quality products that meet with your time-to-market objectives.

To stay competitive, service providers of all types (wireline, wireless, cable) look to telecommunications suppliers to deliver high quality network equipment and solutions that meet industry requirements for conformance, performance, reliability and interoperability.
As a supplier of network elements, your success in this market requires that your products and systems are fully tested, and ready for deployment in service providers' multivendor, multitechnology networks.
POTOSI's full complement of consulting, integration, analysis, testing and deployment services help you achieve on-time, on-budget technology and product deployments. As a result you can:

    • Save costs
    • Speed time to market
    • Deploy high quality products
    • Accelerate revenue generation
    • We enable our client’s performance, not just manage it. POTOSI provides unique client value with our consulting services focused on delivering measurable results. Our team’s global experience can deliver insights and help our client’s put those insights in motion – then adapt and change.

      End-to-end, process-based approaches and methodologies are leveraged to address key business priorities—such as cost competitiveness, differentiation and growth—by improving the key processes underlying these issues.

    • BPO Services :

    • POTOSI leverages a process-improvement led strategy to deliver outstanding results to our clients from their BPO initiatives.
      Would you like to reduce the cost and enhance the efficiency of certain key processes that are important for your business but do not differentiate you in the market place? By outsourcing these processes, you can focus on the core processes that truly differentiate your company and drive growth.
      POTOSI works with you to identify the process or set of processes that are good candidates for outsourcing. For this, we employ a process selection methodology to discover outsourcing possibilities. You can then outsource a single process or a set of processes – in a steady growth or in a “big bang” approach.
      POTOSI has a structured ramp up model that enables you to prioritize processes for outsourcing, pilot the outsourced model with a test process, and then move targeted processes to production in a structured manner. This assures you of a smooth transition.
      Once the processes are outsourced, we track key process metrics. A personalized dashboard enables you to monitor process parameters. Our offshore delivery teams de-risk process transition and enable process improvement. Robust information security processes and infrastructure protect the security and privacy of your data.